Training courses for the internal assessor at program level (IQA English version)
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Participation of the training courses for the internal assessor at program level during September 19-20,2016 at Century Park Hotel, Bangkok

I participated the training courses for the internal assessor at program level during September 19-20,2016 at Century Park Hotel, Bangkok. During this is training program, I received manual of quality assurance on higher education of 2014 for guideline for internal quality assurance at program/curriculum, faculty and institutional levels in higher education institutions which is prepare pared by Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC). Delegates were delivered excellent speeches from their experience with proficiently.

In addition, I participated the workshop and Group Discussion from component level 1 to 6. Each component procedure and practice are very helpful to me understand whole Thailand higher education processes. Also it could be helpful to develop as an assessor which can be contribute Maejo University and other academic intuitions in Thailand.

Quality of in higher education is multidimensional concept which should embrace all its functions, and activities including teaching, academic program, research, staffing, students and scholarship, buildings, facilities, equipment, services to the community and the academic environment. Also internal self-evaluation, external review and enhancing the quality. Accordingly, this IQA program is very interested and supportive to me as an academic scholar.



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